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Did you know-In the 1995 Pan American Games in Mar del Plata (Argentina), Dominica’s runner Steven Agar completed tenth in the 5,000-meter occasion.

Dominican Republic

Did you know-Despite having won the X Baseball World Cup in Managua (Nicaragua) in 1948, the National group lost the opportunity to win a gold decoration in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Guatemala City. Lamentably the foreseen confrontation amongst Cuba and the Dominican Republic did not happen. Why? The Dominican government declined to take an interest in the global amusements in the mid 1950s.


Did you know-Alleyne Francique of Grenada came in fourth place in the men’s 400m at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. His execution made him “the Island’s best known competitor”. Since the Island picked up its freedom from the United Kingdom in the 1970s, the Olympic group has not won an Olympic decoration.


Did you know-The Commonwealth Games were held in Kingston (Jamaica’s capital) in August 1966. Beforehand, the IX Central American and Caribbean Games occurred in the Island in 1962.

Netherlands Antilles

Did you know-By 2008, the Island’s competitor Churandy Martina – a standout amongst the most prominent sprinters in the Western Hemisphere in the vicinity of 2006 and 2009- – was named by the National Olympic Committee as the banner carrier of the national designation for the 29th Summer Olympics in the People’s Republic of China.

Puerto Rico

Did you know-In 1960, Puerto Rico’s competitor Rolando Cruz completed fourth in the men’s post vault at the Summer Games in Rome, Italy. From 1959 to 1966, he had won three golds in the focal American and Caribbean Games.

Holy person Kitts and Nevis

Did you know-Surprisingly, the Island’s sprinter Kim Collins caught the gold award in the men’s 100m at the IAFF World Championships in the mid 2000s. Despite the fact that his execution in the Games of the 28th Olympiad in August 2004 baffled a significant number of his fans: Collins set 6th in the 100 meters.

Holy person Lucia

Did you know-A six-part group from Saint Lucia – a previous British settlement until 1979-took part in the Games of the XXVI Olympiad in the American city of Atlanta in July and August 1996.

West Indies Federation

Did you know-At the 1959 Pan American Games in Chicago (Illinois, USA), Antilles pickep up a sum of 14 awards (2 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze) and took seventh place in informal group standings, outpacing Venezuela and Uruguay. Antilles – otherwise called the West Indies Federation-comprised of three previous British provinces in the Caribbean: Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad Tobago. The next year, the West Indies Federation caught a bronze decoration when it put third in the men’s 4 x 400m transfer in the Games of the XVII Olympiad in Rome (Italy).

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